Agencies and Designers

Is everyone aboard?

A tactical website review service

Occasionally someone gets left behind. An account handler who doesn’t fancy their chances at the repitch. The creative, who’s best work has been rejected. A client who's mindset has become obstructive.

We’re only human.

Successful creative people understand the need to continually 'win' their existing clients with new ideas, fresh thinking or simply a new face. The laws of entropy ensure we are continually striving to win new clients.

Engaging a Senior Professional promotes positive attitude and transparency.

  • Gem
Deploy a new asset... Your Digital Strategist.

Moments for affirmative action

My service ensures your position is both proactive and passive.

  • Pitching

    Don't have a Senior Digital Strategist? You do now.

  • Resolving disputes

    We can't all agree all of the time, and neither can our clients.

  • Educating the client

    Deploying a 3rd party is itself a tactic of passive positioning.

  • Client retention

    Elevate your value and the value of your customer.

A contest of creativity - knowledge - wills - diplomacy

Whether pitching for a new Client and wish to highlight existing failings, or desire additional leverage or independent perspective to ensure a critical moment resolves positively, my gig is the perfect solution.