About Darius

Its about the journey

Digital Marketing Consultant

Hello! My name is Lee Darius. I’ve been working in digital media for some 25 years.

My journey began in print production, developed into multimedia and then the Internet. I distinctly remember the pundits discussing the three-day working week as they peddled the virtues of the ‘information superhighway’!

Fast-forward to today and the ‘internet of things’ is almost upon us. Artificial Intelligence is accelerating at a furious pace, delivering advanced Marketing Automation algorithms and our own slice of Internet heaven with personalised search results and ‘me’ orientated click bait.

One thing’s for sure… Progress knows no patience online.

The challenge for businesses in the digital space is now as massive as the Internet itself. Getting seen online, deploying a message that differentiates your offerings from your competitors and of course, actually selling your products or services.

Despite the increasing complexity of the tools at our disposal, the key considerations of any business-marketing plan remain the same as they were before the Internet. Many marketers have become so absorbed with the tools (mostly Google) that they often overlook these mission critical considerations.

Marketers are not only missing legacy ideas, they are encouraging their clients (or often themselves) to indulge in extremely unproductive and wasteful practices. Writing a blog post for your 47 followers or posting an ‘update’ on Facebook to your 283 ‘friends’ to get the usual thumbs up from Uncle Marti and your sister is wasting your time.

Personally, I’m not on social media. After all, you don’t need to drink at the bar when you own it.

I use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube and numerous other platforms to promote my client’s businesses effectively.

Having worked with some of the UK’s top agencies and brands, I understand ‘effectiveness’, how to create it, deploy it and measure it.

As a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, my task is to maximise the effectiveness of any advertising, marketing or PR investment. In some circumstances I’m able to reduce spend and increase returns. Most agencies or ‘gurus’ focus on clicks and traffic, but you can’t take those to the bank. My focus is to grow your business. More leads, more conversions, more sales, more profit.

So... What does a Senior Digital Strategist do?

Responsibilities as Senior Strategist for Teams

• Developing strategic plans for organisations who are enhancing or adapting to digital transformation
• Reviewing existing client activity and performance to inform recommendations and goals
• Leading client facing interactions including calls, meetings, presentations and workshops
• Creating and iterating campaign plans, research and website functional requirements
• Supporting clients and colleagues on campaign tactics and digital best practice
• Identifying and shaping audience insights that shape clients’ digital objectives
• Conducting competitive analysis, including sector and channel trends and insights
• Devise best tracking, strategy and reporting processes
• Ensure learnings and best practice are shared across the digital team
• Input to client strategy & insight, including new business, projects or innovation functions

Skills & Experience

• Direct experience of large digital strategy, web build and transformation projects
• Experience in strategy, planning, research and results
• Digital and Integrated Agency experience
• Excellent communication, collaboration and influencing skills
• Exemplary English language, plus a basic understanding of Cyrillic - Russian, Bulgarian
• Ability to deal with key stakeholders across internal teams and external partners
• Self-motivated and happy taking the initiative to drive projects forward
• Enjoys working as part of a team... Likeable and positive
• A diligent, disciplined work ethic and the ability to meet tight deadlines
• Able to design, build and deploy complete websites
• Development of complex CRM systems
• Transforming the diabolical into working solutions

Performing these roles every week for my great clients

Senior Digital Strategist – Broad knowledge, skills and toolset
Senior Project Manager – BaseCamp – Trello etc.
Digital Marketing Specialist - Broad knowledge, skills and toolset
Senior Account Handler – BaseCamp – Trello etc.
SEO Specialist – SEO Profiler - Google Analytics – Search Console
SEM Digital Advertising Manager – AdWords – Analytics
Senior Content Copywriter – Word – Keyword Density tools
Article/PR Distribution – Times, Telegraph etc. & Regional Newspaper Editors
Email Marketing Specialist – Campaign Monitor - Analytics
Digital Transformation Specialist – Bespoke tool set
eCRM and Integration Experience – Filemaker Pro – NodeJs – API’s

"I help business, brands and agencies of all sizes thrive in the digital wilderness"