Just because it’s all been done
doesn’t mean
it’s all been done well.

Discover if your website is really a Gem,
a hearty attempt with potential
or simply an exit page.

Learn why.

  • Gem
  • Hearty
  • Exit

Website Owners
and Marketing Professionals

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. The opinion of a Senior Digital Professional is now reality for truth seekers.

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Agencies and Web Designers

We get too close to it sometimes and so do our clients. As a tactical asset, my independence injects objective strategic thinking and freshness.

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Robots can't tell you how they feel. The public struggle to express why they feel.

Algorithms only evaluate website technical conformity. Website usability testing only delivers limited feedback from untrained observers.

This is entirely different... This is the test.

Your confidential website review
by a senior internet professional

Deploying the digital desires of business for 25 years affirms
the value of experience is not in seeing more, but in seeing wisely.

  • Book Your Review

    The simple booking procedure ensures your website video presentation embraces appropriate tone and language.

  • Recorded Site Visit

    Live screen HD recording of my interaction with your website, clearly identifying the Gems, the hearty attempts and the fails.

  • The Bad News

    Discover the fails, why they fail and how to fix positively. ‘User testing’ often omits critical defects, due to inexperience and consensus.

  • Audio Presentation

    The spoken words of an experienced senior professional deliver a superior understanding of the psychology of UI/UX effectiveness.

  • The Good News

    How do we measure what is good? Learn how to embellish the positives and maximise the effectiveness. This is where good becomes great.

  • Flagged To Do's

    Key elements are identified within the Review Summary and listed in order of significance with proposed beneficial actions.

The bottom line

An in-depth professional video presentation review of any website by a Senior Digital Strategist.